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As 2016 gets into full swing, I am looking ahead.  The past is gone and today we put into motion that which is or is to come.  One of the things that I keep meditating on this year is “finishing the race.” 

There are many distractions and situations that can pull me away from making everyday new with Christ.  There are all kinds of natural things that can draw me away from the Kingdom. 

As I’ve grown in the Lord I’ve come to realize there are many things that appear on the “spiritual” side of life that are not truly Kingdom purposed. 2016 is a year of focusing in on the important, Christ-centric motives and characteristics of the Christian Life. 

Not only have I reach a natural age of maturity, but I’ve come to a strong, solid age of spiritual maturity as well.  I am so fixed in my relation to Christ and the cross.  My roots are really deep in the well of life.

My 35 years of walking with Christ has lead me to a crossroad.  Here I find that it is time to get life’s experiences and acquired knowledge out for those who find their way to me.  Spending a lifetime with the goal of serving Christ has brought me to many different places and adventures with God.

You can discover these stories and adventures by ENTERING IN... to the Deeper Life at “Reflections” Word Press Blog or “Reflections” Video Blog on the links to the left.

I hope you’ll come dive in...

God Bless You!


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